• Vakuum
  • Trine Søndergaard
  • poster
  • published by: Fabrikbooks
  • year: 2017
  • designed by: Rasmus Koch Studio
  • format: 70 x 100 cm
  • paper: 250 gram
  • price: € 70 – free shipping within Denmark

Vakuum poster by Trine Søndergaard.

The image on the Vakuum poster is from Trine Søndergaard’s Dress of Mourning series. The ‘surrigkap’ was the mourning dress traditionally worn by the women of the island of Föhr. Creating a liminal boundary between the inner and outer world, the dress and image makes a strong while figuratively beautiful reflection on the visualization of grief. ⁠

The poster is 70×100 cm and designed by the Rasmus Koch Studio.


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