Hester #20

Asger Carlsen

Published by: Fabrikbooks

year: 2016

21 x 14,8 cm

Single or set of 4 cards

price: Single card – € 4 / Set of 4 cards – € 13 – free shipping within Denmark on orders above €60

One Picture Books is a series of card publications. Four doubble cards by one artist.

Asger Carlsen is a photography-based visual artist. Born 1973 in Denmark. Lives and works in New York. Represented by V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, and Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin.

HESTER 2012-2014
Following the example of abstract art, particularly that of early twentieth-century synthetic cubism, Asger Carlsen processes his images from several different photographic vantage points at once. The human figure is documented, then re-presented, disfigured and sculpted digitally. It is deconstructed and then reassembled, the goal being not to depict specific bodies but instead to extract a vivid experience of what they might be. It is the body exposed as anonymous, hyperaesthetic form, distinguishable by its detail yet stripped of any particular identity.

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