A Journey: The Near Future

Nicolai Howalt

published by: Fabrikbooks

year: 2022

designed by: Rasmus Koch Studio

format: 100 x 70 cm

CMYK + Pantone silver print & silver foil text

signed by artist

price: € 70 – free shipping within Denmark

Nicolai Howalt poster from his exhibition A Journey: The Near Future at Gallery Martin Asbæk in 2022. Beautifully printet with cmyk + pantone silver which gives a very subtle silvery quality to the image.

The poster displays one of the photographic panoramas made by the NASA rovers on the surface of Mars which have subsequently been transferred to a photographic negative by Nicolai Howalt – thus transforming the image from digital information to a physical photograph created by light, chemistry, and human hands.

In this process, Howalt gives the image an emotional layer that interacts with its scientific starting point. The analogue print give the image a different sense of historical recognizability. Black and white analogue photography is historically linked to the presence of a photographer and the analogue development of the panorama thus adds a sense of human presence to the landscape – even though no human has been on Mars.

On the one hand, the analogue, black and white motif point back to old landscape images from the golden age of photography. On the other hand, the image differ from classic landscape photographs by virtue of the incredible details of the rovers’ digital image technology and the way the panorama edge and meander on the paper as a graphic cut.