Light Break

Nicolai Howalt

Published by: Fabrikbooks / Medical Museion

Year: 2015

Designed by: Rasmus Koch Studio

Format: 100 x 70 cm

250 g. Artic Silk Paper

signed by the artist

Price: € 70 – free shipping within Denmark

Beautiful poster from Nicolai Howalt’s Light Break series.

In Light Break, Howalt investigates visible and invisible areas of the light spectrum and the both life-giving and destructive radiation of sunlight. By making use of old medical colored filters and lenses, Howalt was able to absorb selected areas of light from the sun, allowing the remaining areas of the electromagnetic spectrum to pass through rock crystal lenses onto photosensitive paper, thereby depicting the raw impressions of the sun and of light itself.⁠ ⁠

Light Break’s historical and scientific basis stems from the Nobel Prize winner Niels Ryberg Finsen’s work with phototherapy in the 19th century: A form of therapy in which various disorders were treated by exposing the skin to certain wavelengths in sunlight. Using Finsen’s original filters and devices, Howalt has in Light Break created a series of images in which the otherwise invisible areas of sunlight becomes visible to the human eye.

This poster displays the image Wavelength 644 – 0 nanometer from the Light Break series.

The poster measures 70 x 100 cm and is printet on high quality 250 gm/2 Artic Silk paper. The poster is signed by Nicolai Howalt.