Nicolai Howalt

published by: Fabrikbooks

year: 2024

designed by: Fabrikbooks – Rasmus Koch Studio

format: 50 x 70 cm

signed by artist

price: € 47 – free shipping within Denmark on orders above €60

Beautiful poster from the work-series F.U.N.G.I. by Nicolai Howalt created in connection with his exhibition at Store Tårn in Christiansø in Denmark in 2024. The poster measures 50 x 70 cm and is printed with copper ink which give the poster a subtle metallic shine.

In F.U.N.G.I. Nicolai Howalt contemplates the vital and enigmatic world of fungi. A world normally invisible to the naked eye, and yet as essential to life on Earth as sunlight and oxygen. Howalt’s work is a visual exploration that vibrates between scientific study and artistic experimentation and incorporates the fungi as an essential component of the creative process.

For the motif of the poster Nicolai Howalt has grown spores from fungi in paper-thin layers and left them to dry out for months. When completely dry, the delicate, translucent samples of fungi are removed from their containers and used as unique fungal negatives in the darkroom. By exposing light-sensitive photographic paper through a fungal sample, Howalt has created an abstract positive analogue photograph without the use of a traditional photographic negative or camera.

F.U.N.G.I. transcends mere scientific documentation, incorporating fungi as active collaborators in the artistic process. By blurring the lines between science and art, Howalt’s work prompts contemplation on questions relating to existential ecology, the nature of time and photography, and the significance of fungi in shaping our world.