Old Tjikko (limited artist edition print)

Nicolai Howalt

published by: Plethora Magazine

year: 2022

designed by: Plethora Magazine

format: 70 x 100 cm

silver duplex offset print

300 g. Hahnemühle edition paper

signed and numbered edition of 50

This Old Tjikko print is a Limited Artist Edition of 50 signed and numbered prints made in collaboration with Plethora Magazine. The print measures 70×100 cm and is made as a silver duplex off-set  print (printed with silver) on exclusive 300 g/m2, watermarked, Hahnemühle edition paper.

Old Tjikko is considered to be one of the oldest living organisms and trees in the world with its impressive age of 9,600 years. In 2019 Howalt published the award winning book Old Tjikko with 97 images of the old tree made from the same photographic negative. Each image was developed on different expired photographic papers, some with expiry dating back to the 40s. Because of the uncontrollability of the expired papers each image presented itself in a different manner – creating 97 unique variations of the same motif.

The motif in this limited artist edition Old Tjikko print was made on sheets of Leonar-Werke AG, Umbrano 1 EW paper with expiry date: May, 1956.

The landscape seemingly shrouded in dense fog is thus an effect of the uncontrollable silver halides in the papers – and each part of the printed montage has more or less subtle variations. The work questions the constancy of the photographic image and points to the subtle and often overlooked effects of its materiality on our perception. It is as if these imperfections of ageing in the papers reveal glimpses of a distant and different time. Dormant traces brought forth into the present by Howalt and the frozen millisecond of a recently captured photographic negative. Revealing the contour of a tree, which in itself stands as a living image of an almost incomprehensible timeline – the passing of millennia.

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