By looking down I see up. By looking up I see down.

Nicolai Howalt

With an introduction by: Lars Kærulf Møller, Art Historian

With an essay by: Anja C. Andersen, Astrophysicist PhD

Published by: Fabrikbooks

Year: Marts 2017

Designed by: Rasmus Koch Studio

Format: 35 x 26 cm

Number of pages: 80

Number of illustrations: 305

Embossed printed hardcover

Number of edition: 800

ISBN: 978-87-998207-3-3

price: € 47 – free shipping within Denmark on orders above €60

By looking down I see up. By looking up I see down by Nicolai Howalt.

The unique work of Nicolai Howalt offers the viewer an almost intimate iconography of human existence at its most basic level. Resonating beyond ordinary conventions of photographic representation, these powerful and beautiful images embrace the transitory and unexpected.

Capturing invisible rays of light, ashes of human cremation, and the volatile reactions of primary substances on metals, melding aesthetic techniques and methods with those of the natural sciences, this book presents a rare collection of Howalt’s most recent exploration into vulnerability, exposure and change.