By looking down I see up

Nicolai Howalt

published by: Fabrikbooks

year: 2017

designed by: Rasmus Koch Studio

format: 100 x 70 cm

250 g Luxosatin

Printed by Narayana, 6+0 color (cmyk + silver & gold)

signed by the artist

Price: € 50 – free shipping within Denmark on orders above €60

By looking down I see up. By looking up I see down. Poster by Nicolai Howalt.

The poster features one of the images from Howalt’s Endings series. Images of the ashes from human cremation. Almost resembling an image from the cosmos the human ashes speaks to a return into the cosmos and the creation of life from dust. An almost intimate iconography of human existence at its most basic level. Resonating far beyond ordinary conventions of photographic representation, these powerful and beautiful images embrace the transitory and the unexpected.